Tim Alcoser’s 4/24/2012 DLR Photo Report

DLNT Photographer Tim Alcoser was at the Disneyland Resort last Tuesday and captured some newsworthy photos around Downtown Disney, The Matterhorn, and Buena Vista Street…

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

The Lego Store is looking bright

The center piece inside the lego store is going to be Genie from Disney's Aladdin!

Giant Genie in the middle of the store


The Uva Bar is under refurbishment. The vines that have grown in for the past 10 years are being torn down. I think they look awesome grown in. Shame.

La Brea Bakery

In Disneyland, Matterhorn is looking fantastic

Ropes have been added along the small bridge facing subs.

Tarps are down on the Penny Arcade

Looks bright and fresh

Over in DCA, Trolley Wires!!

Buena Vista Street Fountain

No more elephants.

In 3D Dec 2010 ;)

More facade refurbishment in Hollywoodland

Mad T Party

The Mad T Stage covered the fountain so the Mickey Statue will not be returning this summer

House of Cards

Cars Land entrance

The Bugs Land entrance is getting a facelift

Quick look down Route 66

This is a World of Color Maintenance Dive Boat.  The flag on the top left corner is a Dive Flag.  It let's others know (usually other ships) to be careful or keep a distance because divers are in the water.

WOC Maintenance

The new California Screamin’ queue covers are a huge improvement over the old yellow and beige covers

Thanks for reading

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  • Thanks for the report, Tim!

    • @Executor78: Always a pleasure. Be advised, the lego store Dragon/knight is now uncovered in Downtown Disney.

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