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Conner Purzycki’s 7/7/12 DLR Photo Report

Jul 9, 2012 by     3 Comments    Posted under: Disney California Adventure, Disneyland

I was a the Disneyland Resort few days ago and captured some newsworthy items including the new Disney Gallery exhibit. On to the photos…

When I walked by Luigi’s Flying Tires, the ride was down but cast members set up a little play area with the chains in front of the ride and had some of the balls from the attraction for kids to throw around. AWESOME!!!!

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

In Pacific Wharf Cafe, they now how Lighting McQueen bread to go with the Mater bread… Want.

Over in Disneyland, the new exhibit Crowing Achievements has opened in the Disney Gallery

The exhibit’s theme is Disney castles

Artist David Avanzino doing a signing in the gallery

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Over in Innoventions, because you enter through the top floor now, the pre-show with Tom Morrow is turned off. So I wanted to see if he was still here.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Yup. Tom Morrow is still behind the curtain. It’s a real shame because he is a fantastic animatronic.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

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Conner Purzycki’s 12/31/11 – 1/3/12 DLR Photo Report

For New Years Eve, I spent the day and the following few days at the Disneyland Resort and captured quite a bit of photos to share of all the festivities and much more…

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Starting off this New Year celebration with a ride on the Fun Wheel but it was strangely down

YAY! An actual use for Maliboomer Park

Stage set up for NYE

Balloons in Paradise Gardens for NYE

Holy Corn Dogs!!!

Ohh, Pretty

Was playing with my camera so here are some nifty photos of this pretty bridge

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Double the spotlights, double the celebration

It was a very foggy new years evening and the fog made for some really good pictures

Some neat foggy WOC shots

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

In our spot for midnight WOC, the fog kept rolling in

Now on our way out to the other park



The castle looks huge for some odd reason

Dance party still hopping by Small World

This is one of my favorite photos taken that night

Happy New Year, hoping on the monorail

Buena Vista Street pics from the monorail

New nerdy shirts in World of Disney

Though an awful hat, bleh

I wonder why Monsters doesn’t use the flick cards like all the other nice attractions.

How about some Cars Land Pics From The Fun Wheel

Disney Channel Rocks set pieces behind Screamin, unknown if the show is coming back

Random shot backstage

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Bountiful valley cows celebrating the holidays

The junkyard jukebox

Look at that WDI stuff, How about the WDI stuff

Yikes, kinda faded

The Bugs Land bridge needs a little tlc

Besides the part that was smashed last summer

Cool wrought iron on the Carthay Circle Theater

Wonder how long these are staying

I hope this is gone soon

Over in Innoventions, a new exhibit has debuted, Nanooze

Here you can discover how to make real little stuff, look like big stuff with magnifying thingys

In all seriousness, it is a neat exhibit learning about atoms and molecules

Just look at how much fun Tom is having!

The Xbox 360 area also got a major facelift

Disneyland Kinect Adventures. Awesome

The stupid circle seat things are gone

The Honda exhibit is back

Down in the dream house, the walls have been turned into a giant screen where you can play…..

Thats right, Kinect Disneyland Adventures

Innoventions is still loading through the top floor, so that means Tom Morrow is no where to be found which is a shame because he was a very good AA.

Over at the Disneyland Hotel, some quick pictures around the grounds


Finally wrapping this up, it looks like the Soundsational Drummer were getting into the Holiday spirit

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Boats, Cars, & Segways

Oct 11, 2008 by     No Comments    Posted under: Disneyland

Here are a few of the latest Disneyland Park rumors from our friends over at Screamscape:

10/3/08 – The latest rumor on the proposed new Matterhorn cars claims that any plans to retire the current trains in favor of a new fleet will have to wait until 2011 at this point, as it was not approved for the next year’s budget.

9/29/08 - According to a reader this past Saturday was the last day for the Segway experience in Innoventions at Disneyland. Apparently this was never a sponsor driven display and just something the park put in as filler while building the Asimo and Dream Home projects.

10/3/08 – A few weeks ago I mentioned that Pirates had been apparently testing out a few new prototype boats under consideration for next year’s rehab. According to the latest rumor this latest boat design sounds like a disaster and may have already been canned. Apparently the prototypes may have been an off-shoot of the new It’s A Small World boat design (see pictures below), as they were said to look quite similar. The biggest flaw up front was the fact that these boats seemed to have molded “bucket seats” instead of plain bench seats, along with individual hand-grips in all the rows except the front row. The seats were said to be much too small and only allowed for four-across seating. From the sound of things, these boats may have been sent back to the drawing board for a complete redesign.

10/6/08 – I’ve got a quick update on the new prototype Pirate boats. It seems that the comments about the poorly designed prototype boat at pirates was in reference to another test boat dropped into the water very briefly in early 2008. The new prototype boat(s) that was tested more recently will not have the bucket seats or hand grips that were talked about in the last rumor, but will have contoured seat backs just like the new small world boats. They will leave the bench-seating design intact and will actually allow for one extra passenger per boat. The current boats seat only three in rows 1 and 6, and four-across in 2-5. The new boats have a wider Row 1 that will allow for four-across seating as well.

Goodbye Golden Dreams! Good Riddance HSM2!

Sep 8, 2008 by     No Comments    Posted under: Disney California Adventure, Disneyland

Let’s take a look at some of the lovely photos of David “Darkbeer” Michael from yesterday, that include the last showing of both Golden Dreams & High School Musical 2: School’s Out, among other things:

The Hyperion Theater is now listed as closed on the DLR Information Board near at the security check-points (albeit being spelled wrong).

The Information Board at the Downtown Disney Monorail Station has a much more precise listing of the closed attractions in Disneyland Park.

You gotta love pins with purchase.

The area surrounding Fowler’s Harbor, the place where the Sailing Ship Columbia is docked, has walls up.

The latest Backstage Pass, Annual Pasholder newsletter offers you a free pair of sunglasses, which you can pick up at at the exit of Innoventions.

Filming of some sort going on in Paradise Pier.

Yesterday had the last ever performance of High School Musical 2: School’s Out!. There will be no High School Musical show until late October, when High School Musical 3: Right Here! Right Now! debuts.

Goodbye Golden Dreams, We Will Miss You!

Dateline Disneyland Picture Update

Jul 4, 2008 by     No Comments    Posted under: Disney California Adventure, Disneyland

Let’s take a look at some various things going on through-out the Disneyland Resort from this week’s Dateline Disneyland on MiceAge:

All of Innoventions, including the new Innoventions Dream Home, is now finally open!

Would you believe that Innoventions actually has a line!?

Tom Morrow still greets guests on video & as an animatronic…

… Not sure how this will work with all the new stuff

From Tom, you apparently go on to a mini-game show about ABC TV shows (no prizes awarded, of course)

The inner walls are lined with various murals featuring past & present Tomorrowland icons

From there you finally enter the Innoventions Dream Home! Check the Dateline Disneyland article for a full photo guide of the new Dream home (way too many pictures to share here). The link is at the top of this post

You exit the Dream Home through the Elias Family Party Tent…

… And then you go up the stairs that take you to the Segway Experience on the 2nd floor

Here’s a look at the placing of the new Wall-E meet ‘n greet in Hollywood Pictures Backlot

These sponsor themed ads are apparently new

Be sure to check the Dateline Disneyland article for, as I said, many more pictures of the Innoventions Dream Home, as well as a look at Toy Story Midway Mania, the Grand Californian Expansion, & new posters inside the Disneyland Hotel! The link is at the top of the post.

Innoventions Dream Home Now Open to the Public

Jul 1, 2008 by     No Comments    Posted under: Disneyland

From the OC Register:

The Innoventions Dream Home is open to the public starting today, according to Disney Spokesman John McClintock.

On June 17 Disney pulled back the curtain on the new Innoventions Dream Home, but the attraction was only open for limited hours and only to annual passholders. McClintock said the home was open to regular guests for some time over the weekend as a soft opening.

Last week the attraction was only open for limited hours as Disney workers made sure all the home’s technology worked properly.

Article Mania!

Jun 30, 2008 by     1 Comment     Posted under: Disney California Adventure, Disneyland

Here are 3 articles from the OC Register with information on the Innoventions Dream Home, Wall-E in the parks, & an incident in New Orleans Square:

The Innoventions Dream Home is still closed and will possibly open to the public next week, according to Disney Spokesman John McClintock.

Last week Disney pulled back the curtain on the new Innoventions Dream Home, but the attraction was only open for limited hours and only to annual passholders.

McClintock said today that Disney workers are “making sure that all the technology in the home is working perfectly” before opening the Dream Home to the public. He said that the goal is to open the home to the public next week.

Currently, the second floor of the Innoventions building is open. Just the first floor, the Dream Home level, is closed.

We’ll keep everyone updated on this blog about when the Dream Home will open to the public.

Disney’s Wall-E character debuted in theaters yesterday, but don’t expect the little robot in the Disneyland Resort any time soon.

A Disney Backstage Pass newsletter mailed to Disneyland Annual Passholders a few weeks ago included thata three-foot-tall Audio-Animatronic model of Wall-E would be visiting people in Disney’s California Adventure this summer

But, Disney Spokesman John McClintock said the robot is not expected to be in the park for a few months.

“We don’t expect Wall-E to be in the Disneyland Resort any time soon, especially during the summer,” McClintock said.

treebranchphoto2Update: New photo on the left sent in by someone who was in the park when the tree branch fell. Right click and click view image on either photo to see an enlarged image.

A tree branch broke and fell onto a pathway last night near the French Market restaurant in the New Orleans Square area of Disneyland.

A Disney spokeswoman said it was one branch and that it did not fall directly on anybody. She said that no more than five people were near the branch when it fell. She said those people had minor scrapes.

Irvine resident Vicki Munsell was at the park yesterday when the branch fell. She was there with her family celebrating her and her husband’s 14th wedding anniversary.

Munsell and her family were eating at the Cafe Orleans restaurant when they heard someone shout and she turned around in time to hear the branch cracking and see it fall on a pathway.

She said people ran over right away to help. While Disney said the tree did not fall on anyone, Munsell said people were pulled out from underneath the tree. Still, Munsell agreed that she did not see anyone injured with more than a few scratches.


Munsell took the photo that you see at right with her camera phone, and she sent it to The Orange County Register. After the branch fell, she said the area was blocked off by Disney cast members who removed the branch and checked on people nearby.

This is not the first time trees have fallen on people in theme parks. On Aug. 1, 1997, a large tree limb at Knott’s Berry Farm broke and fell onto four visitors near the Montezooma’s Revenge ride, causing minor injuries to three and leaving the fourth hospitalized. And on May 5, 2001, Jeanne Gill, 73 suffered a broken hip, and 27 others are injured when a 20-foot oak tree falls in Frontierland at Disneyland.

Win Your Own Dream Home!

Jun 29, 2008 by     No Comments    Posted under: Disneyland

From BizJournals:

Taylor Morrison Inc. is giving away a home inspired by the recently unveiled Innoventions Dream Home at Disneyland’s Tomorrowland.

The Scottsdale, Ariz.-based home builder has launched an online contest that runs through Aug. 20 with the winner able to choose a home in one of Taylor Morrison’s communities in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Nevada and Texas. The home will include a custom technology package and furnishings. A vacation for four to the Disneyland Resort in California also is part of the package.

Participants can visit the entry Web site, www.tmdreamhomegiveaway.com, once a day to register. They also may visit any Taylor Morrison community and receive a special code that offers the maximum number of chances available to enter the contest.

The Innoventions Dream Home debuted June 16 and features what Walt Disney Co. calls a “high-tech, high-touch” experience within a 5,000-square-foot home. Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, Life|ware and Taylor Morrison were also involved in the Dream Home project.

The home showcases the latest in mobile devices, computers, digital music, entertainment and gaming technology in a connected environment that adjusts to the preferences of its occupants.

Dateline Disneyland Picture Update

Jun 27, 2008 by     No Comments    Posted under: Disneyland

Let’s take a look at some various things going on through-out the Disneyland Resort from this week’s Dateline Disneyland on MiceAge:

A peek behind the construction walls outside the old Sleeping Beauty Castle Walkthrough

For about a couple of weeks now, Power City in Innovention’s Project Tomorrow hasn’t been operating

And the Future Choice Stations seem to be “coming soon” again

The vintage ticket display in Disneyland: The First 50 Magical Years has returned

I would like to advise everyone to check this article to see some of the lovely merchandise released for the 45th anniversary of the Enchanted Tiki Room (the link is at the top of the post).

MouseTimes Innoventions Dream Home Update

Jun 21, 2008 by     No Comments    Posted under: Disneyland

The latest MouseTimes.com DLR Pictorial offers the best look so far at the new Innoventions Dream Home. Here are a few of MouseTimes’s photos from the Dream Home:

An interactive racing game

One of the new rotating stages (where Tom Morrow previously was)… This is the only one finished as far as I know

One of the many HP computers running Windows

The Girl’s Room

From this screen, you can adjust things such as music, lighting, blinds, etc.

A camera or mirror (not sure what its use is yet)

The Pirates Room for boys

Cast Members tell the story of Peter Pan, which is projected on the wall

Modern appliances in the Kitchen

The office in the back of the Living Room

The Tree of Tomorrow is still there

MouseTimes also has up full video coverage of the opening ceremony for Toy Story Midway Mania, which is available for download here!


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