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Conner Purzycki’s 2/11/13 DLR Photo Report

Feb 11, 2013 by     No Comments    Posted under: Disney California Adventure, Downtown Disney

I took a quick trip to the Disneyland Resort today and captured a few photos from both Downtown Disney and Disney California Adventure.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
Starting in Downtown Disney, the stage by ESPN Zone is being replaced

AMC showing romance movies for Valentines Week 

Temporary stage setup down the way 

Over in DCA, the Glendale Hyperion bridge was painted again 

Here is the other side for comparison which still has the beige color 

World of Color just went though two weeks of refurbishment and I noticed some small new things 

Some new LED rings on some of the fountains 

and also a new mist screen nozzle on the front screen that looks a bit different than the old one 

The rear mist screen look the same as they did before. Just the front one is new it seems. 

Silly Symphony Swings is under refurb 

Neat Fun Wheel shirt 

DCA Poster Post Cards 

Swing by again soon! 

Conner Purzycki’s 1/17/13 DLR Photo Report

I was at the Disneyland Resort this afternoon and captured some newsworthy photos from all around the resort to share.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
A giant crane is in place right over Big Thunder.

It looks bigger in person 

Work on the center Fantasmic fountain is underway 

New Orleans Bayou Bash has already been setup getting ready for the event kickoff tomorrow 

Very temporary looking speaker setup 

Mark Twain still in dry dock for its annual refurbishment 

Christmas decorations still coming down in New Orleans Square 

Blue sky and no more snow on the castle 

Now for the juicy stuff, Fantasy Faire 

A new structure has sprung up where previously a path led to Fantasyland 

A closer look at that new structure 

Over in DCA, it seems the Hyperion Bridge which crosses over Buena Vista Street was painted overnight to a new darker beige color 

I don’t particularly mind the color change, I’m just curious why? 

Over in Cars Land, one side of Mater’s is being resurfaced 

Over in Flo’s the giant rotisserie out front has been removed

Odd to see this in the middle of the day 

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Tim Alcoser’s 11/9/12 DLR Photo Report

Nov 13, 2012 by     14 Comments    Posted under: Disney California Adventure, Disneyland

Tim Alcoser was at the Disneyland Resort this past weekend and got some pictures around the resort as the holidays begin at the parks.

The fire scenes from Pirates of the Caribbean during World of Color.

Carthay Circle with a large  Wreath.
Holiday decorations have appeared on Buena Vista Street 

Here is the Christmas Tree on Buena Vista Street.
As well as a stunning tree

There is incredible detail to the tree if you get up close and look!

Nothing signifies Christmas at the resort like crowds.  Perhaps the busiest time of the entire year.
Over in Disneyland…

First showing of Believe...in Holiday Magic Fireworks.
Believe… In Holiday Magic had its first performance of the season last friday 


California Adventure. Awesome comparison shots 

Carsland is enjoying it's first Christmas!
Now for a look in Car Land for it Christmas decor 

You can meet Santa at Elias & Company.
Back on Buena Vista Street, the Santa meet & greet in Elias and Co.

Santa Mickey Hats.

Mickey in his Christmas Sweater.  A little Halloween is also left over too.
Mickey in his holiday garb 
Now let's check out and ride through It's a Small World Holiday!
Joy to the small world 

Wrapping up the report with some picture of its a small world holiday 

Up close of the Castle.

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Celebrate The Holidays On Buena Vista Street

Nov 2, 2012 by     No Comments    Posted under: Disney California Adventure

From Shawn Slater on the Disney Parks Blog:

Buena Vista Street is filled with dreams of a bright future for all, and this Yuletide season promises to be even brighter as this happy, bustling community celebrates its first Christmas with joyous new traditions.

Shopkeepers up and down the street have decorated for the holidays, but inside the lavish Elias & Co. department store, they’ve gone all out to create a winter wonderland for the arrival of Santa Claus. Here, wide-eyed children may take a seat alongside the jolly old elf to share with him their fondest wishes for Christmas morning.

Another new idea really struck a chord after a holiday committee meeting of the Buena Vista Street Chamber of Commerce. Wishing to serve their community, eight individuals decided to form a volunteer holiday troupe, calling themselves the Buena Vista Street Community Bell Ringers. Acting as a spirited, traveling “welcome wagon” to anyone visiting this friendly neighborhood, the Bell Ringers take their festive cheer to the street, encouraging others to join in spontaneous ring-along sing-alongs of familiar holiday tunes.

Celebrating the Holidays on Buena Vista Street at Disney California Adventure Park
As dusk falls each evening, the Buena Vista Street Community Bell Ringers will gather in Carthay Circle with their fellow Citizens of Buena Vista Street. The sound of bells rings out, and everyone is invited to join together in the lighting of the town’s Christmas tree, wishing goodwill and joy to one and all!

You’re all invited to come join in the merriment, November 12 through January 6, at Disney California Adventurepark.

WDWNT: The Magazine Issue 16 Released

Jul 21, 2012 by     No Comments    Posted under: Uncategorized

We’re happy to announce the release of issue 16 of WDWNT: The Magazine. This is clearly turning out to be the Summer of Disney. Although the calendar may not agree, the Disney Summer kicked off with The Avengers, and now hits the highest of high points with the opening of Cars Land and Buena Vista Street. The transformation of Disney California Adventure has been nothing short of spectacular, and it’s given us fans something to enjoy for years to come.

With that in mind, this issue summarizes WDWNT’s coverage of the Grand Re-Opening of DCA. We also take the opportunity to look at some of Disney’s other large projects, such as the newest DVC resort, Aulani, and Pixar’s latest film, Brave. We also cover a diverse range of other topics such as Disney voice actors, a look at a Disney Wedding, ticket prices over the years, attempting the ultimate Avengers marathon, and finally, a look at the tremendous work being done by Give Kids the World.

We hope that you will find the articles within both entertaining and educational. If you have any suggestions or feedback, we are always happy to hear from our readers. Just send an email to WDWNTthemagazine@wdwnt.com and share your thoughts.

As a reminder, the magazine is available in digital form from our website (http://www.wdwntthemagazine.com) or in printed form from MagCloud (http://www.magcloud.com). If you like what you read, please share it with your friends.

In-Depth Look: Buena Vista Street Brings Heart to DCA’s Doorway

Jun 28, 2012 by     3 Comments    Posted under: Disney California Adventure

If you have any appreciation for Walt Disney and his success story, you’re most likely going to fall in love with Buena Vista Street at Disney California Adventure. Not only does it evoke nostalgia for the long gone Los Angeles, but it brings to life the story of Walt Disney and the people who affected his life and company. Let’s take a walk around this charming new entrance to California Adventure:

Looking Towards Elias and Company

We already covered the Carthay Circle in a previous post, but it is still beautiful…

The front of Fiddler, Fifer, & Practical, Clarabelle’s and Trolley Treats

Buena Vista Street is charming during the day, but just like Main Street, it takes on a whole new persona at night

Fiddler, Fifer, and Practical Cafe Seating Area

The backstory says the restaurant is owned by three singing sisters who performed all over the country


Trolley Treats

Rock Candy Mountain is in the window display


Love the little trolleys running through it

Train models is the window next door. Fun fact, the store in this space previously (Engines, Ears, Toys) originally sold model trains.

Rock Candy Mountain from the outside


These were to allow light into basements

The old Candy sign from Greetings From California has moved across the street

Candy kitchen

The next store is Atwater Art Supply

And sells mostly cooking accessories, more-so just mugs…

A lot of detail in the shelving

This is a neat bulletin board behind the check in counter

Firehouse Five is the Firemen on Main Street, at this time they were the Firehouse Four…

The Three Caballeros are referenced here

WDP, Walt Disney Productions

4651 Kingswell was Walt and Roy’s original studio

S. White…

Roger Rabbit?

4409 Kingswell is where Walt and Roy stayed in Los Feliz when they first went to Hollywood. They lived with their uncle Robert Disney. That’s why it says to “See Robert.”

Lots of fun references in this one. First Flower Street is home of Imagineering. Also the Hyperion Theater at the very bottom.

The next store is Julius Katz and Sons and sells various collectibles including these great new big figures

This store is themed to an electricians shop. A bunch of fun appliances are up on the shelf.

They had a little fun with the tags

“Sew What?”

Julius Katz and Sons


A little blurry, but an Epcot reference? Really?

The photo shop is very nice

Even the lockers facade is incredible….

Morimer’s Market is a fruit stand on the corner

Love the old style coolers

On to the other side of the street now, This is Los Feliz Five & Dime

Buena Vista Steet has it’s own Baseball Team, The Buena Vista Stars

Red car Trolley making a stop

Another window in Los Feliz has a few storybooks that inspired Disney films

Grizzly Peak appears behind Davy Crockett

The top of the shelves in Los Feliz have merchandise that actually would have been sold in the store at the time

The store sells hats and generic DCA merchandise

The next store is Big Top Toys and is a toy shop. The music loop in this room is actually from Storybook Circus which just opened over at The Magic Kingdom.

Yes the stores stay closed as part of a green initiative

This is the first section of Elias & Company, the children’s department

Cow jumping over the moon

Here is the main entrance

Chandeliers imported from Italy

This appears to be the men’s department

The Rocketeer!

And the last area of Elias and Company sells jewelry and other accessories

This is the old Candy Shop from Greetings From California, but it has been painted and refurnished nicely

The Storytellers statue

There is a small park outside of Elias and Company

Los Feliz window

Eddie Valiant, Roger Rabbit reference

Officer Percival PEabody from Hollywood Studios?

Oswald’s sells hats, sunscreen, and other things of that sort.

The new Guest Relations building

If those photos weren’t enough, you can take an in-depth video tour of Buena Vista Street at night:

Buena Vista Street has a lot of heart and is certainly going to be endearing to any Disney fan. There is a sense of real community up and down the street, much like Main Street U.S.A. and I think guests will connect to Buena Vista Street just as they have to Disneyland’s entrance for over 57 years now. This is a fantastic change for the park and a wonderful area to just meander around for a few hours. It may have all started with a mouse, but for California Adventure, it all starts with a man, a suitcase, and a dream.

In-Depth Look: Carthay Circle Restaurant and Lounge

Jun 24, 2012 by     1 Comment     Posted under: Disney California Adventure

Disney California Adventure has a new icon and it’s the beautiful Carthay Circle Theater. While the real Carthay Circle Theater that housed the world premiere of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is long gone, this new theater houses the Carthay Circle Restaurant and Lounge. If you want to hear a full review of the menu for both, you can head on over to the latest Disneyland News Today Podcast, but for this report, we’ll just be taking a look inside and out of this gorgeous new building:

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

The marquee

Inside the lounge

The wine list

The walls of all floors are covered with pictures of Walt and various other company celebrities

A cool display downstairs

Some cool displays in the lobby

Some actual pictures of the real theater

We won’t be seeing in there anytime soon…

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

The transition from the rest of the park is still a little strange

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

It is stunning at night

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Gorgeous… we also have a comprehensive video tour of the restaurant, looking at both the lounge and the second floor:

Story Behind “Storytellers” Statue

Jun 23, 2012 by     No Comments    Posted under: Disney California Adventure

From Erin Glover of Disney Parks Blog:

We showed you a glimpse of the new “Storytellers” statue last year during the D23 Expo, and tomorrow, Disney California Adventure park guests will be able to greet the new statue of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse themselves when Buena Vista Street officially opens! Take a look:

A plaque just to the right of the statue tells the story of Walt Disney’s arrival in Los Angeles in 1923 in his own words:

It was July 1923. I packed all of my worldly goods – a pair of trousers, a checkered coat, a lot of drawing materials and the last of the fairy tale reels we had made – in a kind of frayed cardboard suitcase. And with that wonderful audacity of youth, I went to Hollywood, arriving there with just forty dollars. It was a big day the day I got on that Santa Fe California Limited. I was just free and happy!

Video: The Re-dedication Of Disney California Adventure

Jun 21, 2012 by     No Comments    Posted under: Disney California Adventure

Watch Bob Iger re-dedicate Disney California Adventure park on the morning of June 15th, 2012.


Meet The Citizens of Buena Vista Street

Jun 21, 2012 by     No Comments    Posted under: Disney California Adventure

Meet some of the Citizens of Buena Vista Street conducting business as usual among the guests.



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