Staff Members

Conner Purzycki- Vice President of Disneyland News TodayReporter, Photographer, Podcast Host, Editor, Producer

Sean Dickey- DLNT Podcast Staff

Jamie Nakagiri- DLNT Podcast Staff

Brian Martsolf- DLNT Podcast Staff

Tim Alcoser – Photographer, DLNT Podcast Staff

Michael Wada- Photographer

Hayley Nance – Photographer

Matt Valdez – Photographer

Max Guggenheim – Photographer

Larry Delceg – Photographer

Tom Corless- CEO and Founder of the WDWNT Network

Jason Diffendal- WDWNT Network Chief Operating Officer

Justin Heyman- WDWNT Network Chief Technical Officer

Positions Available!!!

Positions available for those who are willing and capable of being staff for the Disneyland News Today Podcast or regularly taking pictures of the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim California. Contact us at for more information.


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