Conner Purzycki’s 2/3/11 – 2/6/11 DLR Photo Report

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I was at The Disneyland Resort the past weekend to host Hangin’ 10, our fan event celebrating the 10th anniversary of Disney California Adventure. Of course, I also took many newsworthy photos to share…

Lots of dirt being moved behind the Sunshine Plaza work walls

Playhouse Disney is closed until 3/24/11 to re theme to Disney Junior and to install new facade features

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

“The Delta Daddy-O’s” are very entertaining if you ever get a chance to listen

No more free roaming characters. Sure…

In the animation building, the films are being updated in the main lobby until March

Yep, absolutely no more free roaming characters. (Excuse my sarcasm)

Walking down the parade route

The tail fins of the Cadillac Range starting to taking shape

That barn building will be used as a queue for Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree

Now for some pictures of the Blue Sky Cellar

The new animated map is really impressive

Some deck work going on by The Cove Bar

Time for a spin on the Fun Wheel

Work is moving slowly to turn the former Maliboomer into a park

Tower at Goofy’s Sky School

Look at that…

Doesn’t look as bad as I thought it would.

Little Mermaid

Cars Land

Some work being done in the World of Color subs

Grizzly River Run sign has been touched up…

and the sign here has been completely removed.

Look at the new pavement in front of the castle. (Sorry about the high exposure)

The former smoking pier is blocked off for some reason.

The dead-end of the park at Critter Country

Splash Mountain going through a lengthy refurbishment. Lap-bars anyone?

Family Fun Weekends was celebrating Lunar New Year this weekend

I wanted to try an Egg Roll but then I remembered Lucky Fortune Cookery.

Live entertainment was nice


Chocolate Churro?

I can’t remember if these walls were here before in Innoventions

Couldn’t really see any Star Tours progress from here

Buzz Lightyear Fastpass is closed so it can be switched over to Star Tours for its May Opening.

In Town Square, pavement has bee cut into pieces for fast removal. Walls have been put up since photo was taken

The Magic, The Memories, and You was having alignment problems

We will have video up soon of the new show.

The next day, went into DCA early

This fixture on mermaid is beautiful

Look over the Work Walls by Silly Symphony Swings

Boardwalk Pizza and Pasta construction is going fast

No visible progress on Souvenir 66

Aboard the Golden Zephyr

Some of our Hangin’ 10 attendees enjoying one of DCA’s opening attractions

Repaving in front of Souvenir 66

Another look at Mermaid

Beautiful day

Work walls surrounding what was a Stage in Pacfic Wharf. It will be a entrance to Cars Land.

Woah, fire effect finally working again on Toad

Also, fiber optic floor effect has been removed

Went for a spin on the Monorail and saw this building being constructed next to the Monsters Inc. show building

Random Tomorrowland shot

Contrary to popular belief, Superbowl Sunday is usually always very busy

Some pictures from the Columbia

Weird to see an empty land like this

Permanent tables have been installed in Hungry Bear Restaurant

Thanks for Reading!!!

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  • Wish I could have made it to Hangin’ 10. But these photos made me feel as if I were there with all of you. Thanks, Conner!

  • OMG, amazing. Keep ‘em coming.

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