Conner Purzycki's 11/20/10 DLR Photo Report

Nov 21, 2010 by     4 Comments    Posted under: Disney California Adventure, Disneyland

I was at The Disneyland Resort yesterday to take advantage of the small lines and small crowds due to the rain. Captured some newsworthy photos to share…

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Starting off in DCA

Sunshine Plaza is completely gone

The reflectors have been removed

The East mural was covered with tarps

The West side without the Mural

Outside of the gate, the mural is already gone

Into Disneyland

Mandatory tree and castle shot

Not bad for a Saturday

Tarps covering the deck of the Columbia

In Fantasyland, Village Haus has been uncovered

Very misty outside

DCA entrance from the Monorail

It stopped pouring so I thought I wold go get some newsworthy photos

The Maliboomer site

All the WOC platforms were down today

Little Mermaid

It has been confirmed that these rails will be in the raised position even when the attraction is operating

DCA’s smaller Christmas tree


Radiator Springs Racers show building

Wow, that Glow Fest bar is still sitting back there

The Peak of the Cadillac Range

More equipment being installed on top of Mermaid

Bountiful Valley Farms

Projector for the TRON-core

Lasers for the TRON-core

Strange to see the Simba lot empty on a Saturday

Paradise Garden Grill

Goofy’s Sky School

Some closer shots of Radiator Springs Racers

I wonder if this happened because of the Alice handrails

This side of Mermaid looking complete

The Golden Dreams dome will be re-decorated according to the Concept Art

A permanent shade has been built over the Paradise Park Coffee Stand

Another angle of Carsland

This building will be staying put

I didn’t know the cards had something on the back.

Because of the rain, High School Musical was moved inside to Stage 17

Sorry, but this is as close as I get to High School Musical

Disney Dance Crew was canceled for the day

At ElecTRONica that night, it started to rain and the DJ and the Dancers were pulled out

I guess it doesn’t rain in Tron City

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  • The picture thats say “Lasers for the TRON-core” are just lights. the laser that they project on the roller coster is set up under the bridge next to the world of color control room.

    • Those are one of the sets of lasers. Seeing WOC that night when it was still misty out, you could see the lasers clearly.

  • Looks like it was rainin reaaly good in the shots of the subs.

  • If the rain will result in Disney Dance Crew being cancelled, I hope it rains like Seattle.

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